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Generator makes mobile responsive websites that build businesses and brands.

We are designers of creative, professional business websites, complex Governement sites and powerful online shopping solutions.

All websites designed by Generator are custom-built to amplify your corporate identity, brand personality and marketing objectives.

They are functional, creative and interesting, fast-loading and easy for your customers to use whether on desktop or mobile device.

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Responsive Web Design

Google's Mobile-Friendly Update

Google recently updated its mobile search algorithm to significantly favour mobile-friendly websites. The knock-on effect is that sites such as your current one could have been pushed down the rankings, leading to fewer prospects finding you on Google.

Act today! Check your website using Google's Mobile-Friendly Test.

And if it doesn't pass, talk to us about the ideal solution – Responsive Web Design.

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Mobile Responsive Web Design

In addition to looking great on desktops and laptops your website can be optimised for smartphones and tablets like Apple's iPhone and iPad.

This is a must-have because mobile will soon dominate website visits and email campaign opens.

No need for a separate mobile version of your website. One responsive, mobile-friendly web design that adapts to varying viewport sizes – be it small screen smartphones or any size of tablet.

If you're here on a regular PC or laptop, re-size your browser window to see how our web design is responsive to smaller mobile screens. Or compare it on your mobile devices!

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

We recommend responsive web design. Here's why:

  • A single website saves time and money. No need to build and then separately update desktop and mobile versions of your content
  • Maintaining a single website guarantees consistency of branding, design, style and tone
  • Using a single address for a web page makes it easier for visitors to find it, interact with it, share it and link to it
  • A single URL helps Google evaluate a page's content for search ranking purposes
  • No error-prone redirection to a separate mobile site is needed
  • Responsive web design saves bandwidth for you and your visitors
  • Responsive web design means Google only needs to crawl pages once as opposed to crawling multiple times with different user-agents. According to Google this greater efficiency can help it index more of your site's content and keep it fresh.

Modern Web Designer

As a Perth member of the international Web Standards Group, Generator is committed to modern web design techniques.

This means you'll get:

complex web designsFaster loading web designs

We use the absolute minimum amount of code to achieve even the most complex web designs. And unlike many other mobile web designers, we also separate your content, presentation styles and any behavioural scripts to further reduce load time. This means that even if your customer has a slower internet connection your web pages will still load smoothly and quickly.

modern web designFuture proof web design coding

Current web pages are designed to work in current web browsers. By adopting modern web design standards we aim to ensure your website will work in future browsers too. This means that if your customer upgrades to a newer browser your website will still look and function as intended.

responsive web designExtensible web design

By using the latest web design techniques we make it easier for you to incorporate new ideas for communication and presentation as they emerge. This web designers's approach can also make your website responsive to and useable on mobile devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad and future standards-based mobiles and portables.

easy to maintain designsA website that's easy to maintain

Whether you opt for a Content Management System (CMS), allowing you to update your web pages directly, or you ask Generator to take care of less frequent updates, being standards compliant means your web design and content will be easy and more cost-effective to maintain.

compatible web designsWeb design that's cross compatible

Because there are so many different web browser / mobile / operating system variables we go to great lengths to ensure cross-compatibility. This means your customers will experience your website as intended, irrespective of the web browser / mobile device in use.

accessible web designAccessibility

Whether you have, or must adhere to, an accessibility policy we always aim to design websites that are as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. Using modern web design standards and techniques is an important first step.

Online Shopping Websites

It doesn't matter whether you're a manufacturer, wholesaler or high street retailer. Or whether you sell to other businesses or direct to the public.

A well-designed online shopping website can open your doors to a national – even global – marketplace.

Imagine the effect on your bottom line when you're selling from your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year - to a potential customer base that's infinitely bigger!

Search Optimised Web Design

You can rely on Generator to design a website that's optimised for search.

On-site SEO is vital in making it as easy as possible for your potential customers to find your website at Google and the other search engines.

Other web designers may claim they know all about SEO. So their own website site must rank well, right? And all their clients' websites?

Search Engine Optimisation

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Established in Perth in 2001, Generator has designed scores of websites for local clients and customers over east and abroad. For more examples of recent web designs check out our web designer portfolio.

Web Design Portfolio

Domain Registration

Like many other web designers in Perth, we can help you register a domain name. It's a simple task. What sets us apart is our ability to assist you strategically when it comes to choosing the most effective website identity for your brand. To gain a competitive advantage, merely settling for your company name may not be your best option.

Website Hosting

Generator works with a number of cost-effective website hosting companies here in Perth, in several of the other Australian capitals and abroad. Depending on the objectives and requirements of your website we can assist you with selecting optimum website hosting services.