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Email Marketing Perth

Generator has created thousands of email marketing campaigns that have achieved millions of impressions, click-thrus and conversions – so we've learned what really works and what doesn't.

Meanwhile our clients have learned that as a 1:1 communications platform, targeted, personalised email marketing is extremely cost-effective and powerful.

In fact the latest Campaign Monitor study shows a return on investment of $44 for every dollar spent on email marketing. And that makes email marketing the most valuable form of marketing available today.

Generator's past and present email marketing clients include:

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Email Marketing Service Perth

Feature-packed email marketing service

Generator's end-to-end email marketing service is seamless, accountable and measurable.

We can help with campaign planning, email creative and design, scheduling, automation and despatch.

And you can dig into real-time performance reports to help ensure continual improvement and ever-increasing returns.

email marketing tracking

Google Analytics

Automatic Google Analytics link tagging to easily track your sales and conversions.

social media

Forwards & Social Media

Track viral activity by seeing who shares your email.

measure email marketing

Compare Campaigns

Spot trends by comparing opens, clicks and more for multiple campaigns at once.

track email clicks

Link Clicks

Learn what subscribers are interested in by which links were popular and who clicked.

email bounces


See who bounced and why, and we'll figure out if we should try again or remove.

automatic unsubscribe email


We make sure we don't accidentally try and send to them again in the future.

email complaints

Spam Complaints

Integration with Yahoo!, Hotmail and others mean we can report on complaints.

export to excel

Export to Excel

Export all reporting data to Excel for offline storage and further analysis.

email marketing timeline


See your complete history with every subscriber in a handy timeline.

email campaign delivery

Top Notch Email Delivery

Authentication and relationships with ISPs ensures delivery of your email marketing.

Email template design

Consistency is critical in email marketing. And it applies to every email type you send whether it's newsletters, postcards or transactional emails such order confirmations and receipts.

Whatever your business sector – whether your customers are consumers or professionals – we'll work with you to design an email marketing template that's attractive, effective and measurable.

We can also design your email template to adapt to mobile devices – which we're seeing account for about 50% of opens.

Start email marketing

We can work with your existing customer database or get you started on collecting and communicating with new email subscribers.

Incorporating a simple subscribe form on your website is an easy first step towards connecting and building rewarding relationships with your customers.

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Email marketing tops digital league

Business Review Weekly continues to place email marketing as the most used form of digital advertising – ahead of social media, search engine marketing and banner advertising. And more than two-thirds of reviewed businesses planned to increase investment on email marketing in the year ahead.

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We hate spam too!

At Generator we take email marketing very seriously and we go beyond the requirements of the law to ensure your subscribers have given their direct permission to be contacted by email.