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Search engines – in particular Google – are the start pages of the internet.

If your website doesn't rank high in Google search results then potential customers could be lost forever. Very few people go beyond the first page of search results, so the aim of Search Engine Optimisation is to get you there.

In simple terms, expert SEO involves strategicially optimising the content, structure and speed of your website based on applicable research and more than a decade of professional experience.

All new websites designed by Generator are search engine optimised from the ground up.

And we always encourage clients to allocate some of their budget to subsequent SEO refinement, social media, content marketing and website promotion tactics including Google Ads and online banner advertising.

Web Design

Why is SEO so important?

Well, without it your website won't deliver its full potential. Without SEO your site won't receive as much traffic as it could and this will compromise your return on investment.

If your website can't be easily found at Google, Yahoo! or Bing then you'll be missing out on upto 90% of potential customers.

People search for generic terms, not company names, so your site must rank for what you do or sell, not who you are.

Our SEO expertise involves making sure your website is search engine friendly and comprehensively optimised for your target search terms and keyphrases.

We only do white-hat SEO

By staying within search engine guidelines we help make sure your SEO budget delivers long-term lasting results. Solid search engine rankings, increased traffic to your site and the best possible return on investment.

Search Engine Marketing

Google Ads pay-per-click advertising can quickly deliver exceptionally high quality traffic to your website.

Call-to-action ads, effective conversion mechanics, the right selection of targeted keywords and a carefully considered bidding and budgeting strategy can ensure your Google Ads campaign reaches tens of thousands of potential customers each week.

Banner Advertising and Remarketing

In addition to SEO and search engine marketing many businesses use HTML5 banner advertising and remarketing to build awareness and amplify their wider campaigns.

They also invest in paid-for exposure in online directories – and on other websites – that are frequented by high numbers of their target customers.

Generator can research and coordinate your digital media planning and buying, as well as the creative development of your animated, static or text-based advertising.

HTML5 Banner Ads
Advertising & Marketing